The Award Winning Swiss Business Class

When it comes to excelling services and highest quality of standards, Swiss International Airline has certainly set the benchmark in all these years. Over 16 million passengers choose the airline for flying to various destinations around the globe. The airline successfully covers over 105 destinations that passengers can connect to. The airline operates from its hub in Zurich and is also affiliated with Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance.

This national airline of Switzerland offers all the remarkable facilities to its passengers, throughout all the classes of the airline. The new Boeing 777-300ERs offers a revolution in the world of aviation through world class cabin designs and immaculate services on both the medium and long hauled flights. The airline has kept all the Swiss traditions alive by offering wonderful facilities throughout all their classes.

The SWISS is a special journey and provides a unique travel experience to its passengers. Right from the start to landing, passengers are specially taken care of.

1. The SWISS Cabin

The business cabin on SWISS flights defines perfection in every manner. Recently having undergone several changes, the new business class has been revamped and assists to the needs of the passengers in the best manner. When making a choice for the airline, the seat is what most passengers put as a super priority. Especially when it comes to long haul flights, compromises are rarely welcomed. Although the rest of the facts play a part too, the object you’re bound to for a long time would naturally matter the most to passengers.

The business class seat of Swiss International Airlines is a complete world of comfort. The luxuriously styled seat turns into a flatbed of over 2 meters. The seat is integrated with massage facilities that help passengers stay relaxed along the way. A built-in power outlet and optimum privacy are some of the best perks enjoyed through their business class. For business travelers, it gets even special because this relaxing space can be easily converted into a flatbed.

2. Luxury Styled Food and Drinks

Food matters everywhere, especially when on a long haul flight. This national airline of Switzerland has carried its traditions alive with the wonderful cuisine offered to the its passengers. For all the flights leaving from Zurich, the Switzerland styled cuisine is offered to the business class passengers. As any top airline should be, the services are passenger focused. Starting from a wonderful welcoming drink to the meals offered in between, SWISS takes care of it in a very fine way. Along with the delightful food, business class passengers are offered a fine selection of wine throughout the journey time.

3. Amazing Amenities

Whether it comes to the giveaways or the endless entertainment offered to the business class passengers, a benchmark has clearly been set by the airline. Unique comfort kits are provided to the business class passengers which truly bring comfort, no matter what season you’re traveling in.

The airline offers a whole universe of entertainment with all the finest facilities that keep the business class passengers hooked till the very last moments.